***(10/06/2019) It is with huge regret that I must announce that due to completely unforeseen circumstances, I have had to cancel 8 library and private presentations. They have been deleted from the calendar and and marked as "Event Cancelled" in the Events section. I deeply apologize for any inconvenience that this may cause. ***(04/01/2019) Please join me in congratulating both John Crawford for completing Lead training to become one of our newest Lead Investigators and for Jackie DeMarco for completing her training investigations and becoming an Active Investigator. Congrats to both of you! Now to get Bobby B.'s training underway. ***(03/25/2019) Please join me in congratulating Bobby Brown on becoming Agawam Paranormal's newest Lead Investigator! Bobby brings a very unique mindset and experience level to the table and has many ideas for new things and experiments to try during an investigation. Congrats, Bobby!!! ***(03/18/2019) Please join me in congratulating Tracy [...]