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We’re Back!!! The return of Agawam Paranormal Radio started on September 12th, 2018. Our new show is a monthly, one hour program and will be broadcast the second Wednesday of each month. We will also be broadcasting a two hour show on every fifth Wednesday of the month (four per year). I will post the links here as well as on our Facebook page. Feel free to email me with topic suggestions or music requests at AgawamParanormal Enjoy!!

UPDATE: Starting on January 3rd, Agawam Paranormal Radio will be a weekly show once again!!! The live broadcast will be from 6:00am to 7:30am each Thursday morning!!! As before, I will post the shows both here and on the Agawam Paranormal Facebook page. Enjoy!!!

UPDATE: Starting June 6th, Agawam Paranormal Radio will not be an every week show anymore. Let me explain, my original thought was to incorporate the world of the paranormal into a community and music show. Due to the confidentiality restrictions of the huge influx of residential cases that we have had this year, I have decided to only broadcast Agawam Paranormal Radio when there is a dominate amount of “ghostly” material to cover instead of diluting the material with local events and programming. As a result, the “Bobby G. and Co. Show” was born. This will be the weekly community show with the special occasional shows of Agawam Paranormal Radio sprinkled in, based solely upon available content and paranormal events. This seemed, to me, to be the best way to remain faithful to my original concept.

06/13/2019: This week I invited Mr. Bob Mancini to be my co-host as Lynn was up in Maine. We had a blast doing the show and were promoting an upcoming charity boxing/wrestling event. Check out the shenanigans and also see why Lynn will be killing me when she gets back home. A lot of laughs, Enjoy!!!

06/06/2019: This week marks the first broadcast of the “Bobby G. & Co. Show” instead of the regular Agawam Paranormal Radio broadcast (see above update for more information). As those of you that know me already know, I go by the name Rob for team functions and for professional situations. However, I also go by Bobby for more laid back occasions and with friends. So while Rob is, generally speaking, more professional…Bobby is much more my true personality and you never know what will come out or where we will go. This will also allow me to promote local business and events without implying a paranormal connection. So as always, Enjoy!!!

05/31/2019: This week’s broadcast of Agawam Paranormal Radio was a very personal one for me. A very close friend recently lost her father, who was a Worcester local musician, and the dedication goes out to both her and her brother. The song played is Dr. Feelgood and is played by their father!!! Check out the show and enjoy!!! As always, if there is a song that you would like to hear, let me know. Thanks for listening!!!


05/24/2019: Sorry for the delay in posting last week’s show. I have been sick and add to that allergies too. On this broadcast, we had the two students that designed and worked on our background graphic for the show. Michael Deyette and Gabe Luppi were a lot of fun to interview and I wish them the very best in their future endeavors.











Today Lynn and I were joined by Kim Wheeler from the Agawam Cinemas. We spoke about how she and her family took a condemned building and turned it into a beautiful family cinema. We covered a lot of history and upcoming events too, not to mention some pretty awesome music. You can find movie listing at Check it out and Enjoy!!!


05/02/2019: This week’s show was rather personal for me. Kate Gourd has been a friend to my family for many years now and I have wanted to get her on the air for months now. Kate and her family own Cooper’s Gifts in Agawam. This is a very unique store that has some one-of-a-kind gifts and as a typical guy, I really need some help sometimes picking out a present for my wife (she’s not a fan of power tools from Home Depot). This is definitely the place to go! The staff is extremely helpful and friendly, they even gift wrap too!!! They are located at 161 Main Street in Agawam and you can call them at (413)786-7760. Guys, this is a home run!!! Enjoy!!!

04/25/2019: Joining us this week is Julie Barnes from the Veteran’s Service Office in Westfield. I was surprised when her husband, Brian, also joined us and shared some incredible stories about their military experiences. For me, this was a very exciting interview with two great people. If you have any questions about veteran benefits for either yourself or a spouse, contact Julie at any of the following: or You can also get more information from “Warriors Art Room @ and Project New Hope @ The physical offices are at 45 Noble Street in Westfield and can be reached at (413)572-6247 or fax at (413)572-6242. Enjoy!!

04/18/2019: Okay, finally the censors at YouTube have completed their removal of a Jimmi Hendrix song (two weeks) from the show and I can now finally post it. I was very happy to have a friend and fellow paranormal die-hard join me and Hope on the show. Mr Rich Horn from Colorado Paratech and shared his insights and beliefs about Casper and the changing world of ghost hunting. Rich is the vendor that we use for all of our hand-held camera illumination and I highly recommend him to everyone! This was an awesome interview and conversation. Check it out, Enjoy!!!

04/11/2019: This week, Dan Chaffee returns to talk about health care, nutritional supplements and the Keto plan as well as how it impacts your workout routine as well as the benefits of such a diet. Check it out, Enjoy!!!

04/04/2019: On this week’s broadcast, I interviewed Ryan Begin from Westfield State University about hosting Agawam Paranormal for our Ghostology 201 presentation tonight on campus. Ryan brought Lindsey Corbet and Olivia Hamparsoomian with him and we were able to discuss several other major events taking place on the campus very soon. As always, some great music and amusing banter. Enjoy!!!

04/01/2019: Sorry for the delay in posting this past week’s radio program, very busy weekend with a new residential investigation going on. I was very happy to welcome my friend Bob Mancini back to the show. He brought with him a local boxing talent, Taylor Smith, for an interview and some fun too. We talked about her boxing career as well as Bob’s recent attempt at becoming a pro wrestling referee too. I even played Free Bird (by popular opinion from a Facebook poll) for Lynn. Enjoy!!!

03/25/2019: On this show, I invited Anne Benoit to return and discuss the Kiwanis Annual Auction. It was a complete success this year and will go towards helping local children. We also discussed some of my birthday mindsets and Pete’s neon green hair!!! Enjoy!!!

03/15/2019: Yesterday’s show was held up by the all mighty censors from YouTube. Apparently they did not approve of some of the music that I played and had to edit the sound from the taped broadcast prior to it being allowed on sites. However, we did have an awesome show and interviewed Teresa Bonavita from Towne Liqours and Towne Taproom, in Agawam, about upcoming events for the St. Patrick’s Day Road Race Breakfast this Saturday morning. Check it out and enjoy!!!

03/07/2019: Today’s show, I was very happy to interview a good friend of mine, Mr. Bob Mancini. We spoke about his political career with West Springfield, his background with boxing and his paranormal experiences in the now demolished Knight’s of Columbus. Enjoy!!!

02/28/2019: On today’s show we have Anne Benoit from the Westfield Kiwanis organization talking about her group and their upcoming auction that benefits local children. Agawam Paranormal donated a “Guest Investigator” package for two valued at $340.00!!! Many people ask me just how they can join us on an investigation, this is your chance and it benefits a great cause too!!! Note that due to the icing conditions last Thursday morning, we simply played a previous broadcast and were not live. Enjoy!!!

02/14/2019: Our Valentine’s Day Show!!! Hope joined me today and brought the “Moochie Moochie” portion of the show while I played music for the anti-VD crowd. lol Enjoy!!!

02/07/2019: On this broadcast, I was very honored to have my good friend and fellow paranormal enthusiast Ms. Becky Vickers for an interview. Becky has a team in the Dallas area of Texas and has recently published her first book about a location that they have researched and investigated extensively, practically right in their own back yard, the Goatman Bridge! This is one not to miss!!! Enjoy!!!

Due to the weather, there was no live broadcast on 01/31/2019. Instead we replayed a past show. Sorry.