Big news coming soon!!!

We’re Back!!! The return of Agawam Paranormal Radio started on September 12th, 2018. Our new show is a monthly, one hour program and will be broadcast the second Wednesday of each month. We will also be broadcasting a two hour show on every fifth Wednesday of the month (four per year). I will post the links here as well as on our Facebook page. Feel free to email me with topic suggestions or music requests at AgawamParanormal Enjoy!!

UPDATE: Starting on January 3rd, Agawam Paranormal Radio will be a weekly show once again!!! The live broadcast will be from 6:00am to 7:30am each Thursday morning!!! As before, I will post the shows both here and on the Agawam Paranormal Facebook page. Enjoy!!!

UPDATE: Starting June 6th, Agawam Paranormal Radio will not be an every week show anymore. Let me explain, my original thought was to incorporate the world of the paranormal into a community and music show. Due to the confidentiality restrictions of the huge influx of residential cases that we have had this year, I have decided to only broadcast Agawam Paranormal Radio when there is a dominate amount of “ghostly” material to cover instead of diluting the material with local events and programming. As a result, the “Bobby G. and Co. Show” was born. This will be the weekly community show with the special occasional shows of Agawam Paranormal Radio sprinkled in, based solely upon available content and paranormal events. This seemed, to me, to be the best way to remain faithful to my original concept.

01/23/2020: This week’s show was a remote taping, all the way out to Chester to interview our friend, Mr. Bryan Farr with the Historic US Route 20 Association. This was another incredible interview with a very interesting story. We even purchased three copes of his Route 20 book. Just an amazing publication that is very well worth the read! Check this one out, you won’t regret it and it helps support a local non-profit. Enjoy!!!

01/16/2020: This week starts off with the theme from UFO, one of my all time favorite science fiction shows. We talked about the rumor that they were considering canceling the Super Bowl this year due to the Patriots not playing since nobody really cares anymore. Lol. As always, some funny conversation combined with great music! Enjoy!!!

01/09/2020: Started off this week with some technical difficulties, but Pete came through once again!!! My technical wizard!!! Several birthday announcements too, my son Bobby Jr. turns 30 on the 10th and the dreaded two foot twister of terror (otherwise known as my granddaughter Jasmine) turns 3 on the 13th!!! As always, some pretty awesome music too. Check it out!!!

01/02/2020: This show was very special for me as it marks the one year anniversary of our return to a weekly show! While I’m not completely sure where the time went, it has been and continues to be a blast bringing you, our audience, a fun and entertaining (hopefully, lol) show. There is also a theme to the music, with the exception of the theme song and the Pink Floyd fix. See if you can figure it out, if not I’ll let you know at the end of the broadcast. Enjoy!!!