Big news coming soon!!!

We’re Back!!! The return of Agawam Paranormal Radio started on September 12th, 2018. Our new show is a monthly, one hour program and will be broadcast the second Wednesday of each month. We will also be broadcasting a two hour show on every fifth Wednesday of the month (four per year). I will post the links here as well as on our Facebook page. Feel free to email me with topic suggestions or music requests at AgawamParanormal Enjoy!!

UPDATE: Starting on January 3rd, Agawam Paranormal Radio will be a weekly show once again!!! The live broadcast will be from 6:00am to 7:30am each Thursday morning!!! As before, I will post the shows both here and on the Agawam Paranormal Facebook page. Enjoy!!!

UPDATE: Starting June 6th, Agawam Paranormal Radio will not be an every week show anymore. Let me explain, my original thought was to incorporate the world of the paranormal into a community and music show. Due to the confidentiality restrictions of the huge influx of residential cases that we have had this year, I have decided to only broadcast Agawam Paranormal Radio when there is a dominate amount of “ghostly” material to cover instead of diluting the material with local events and programming. As a result, the “Bobby G. and Co. Show” was born. This will be the weekly community show with the special occasional shows of Agawam Paranormal Radio sprinkled in, based solely upon available content and paranormal events. This seemed, to me, to be the best way to remain faithful to my original concept.

07/23/2020: On this week’s show, Lynn abused me once again (as always). We worked out most of the bugs from the new Acoustic Cafe segment and had a blast with that. We even played an 18 minute dedication for my friends in Northern California, Gary and Hannah. Both of the Goffstock and The Nason Connection segments were top notch, as always. Listen as Pete finds a hair in his coffee! Lol Enjoy!!!

07/16/2020: This week’s show was the first broadcast shared live on Agawam local access, joining Westfield and Southwick! Welcome!!! We also introduced a new segment that we called “Acoustic Cafe” and Jock & Jezabelle. Also you will learn all about Bob Plasse on the toilet with a fly…photos included, lol. As always, some awesome music and friendly banter! Enjoy!!!

07/09/2020: On this week’s show, Lynn, Pete and I will be interviewing my friend Mr. Jeff Belanger. You may know him from his many appearances on paranormal television shows. He is the host of New England Legends (available in Amazon Prime for free) as well as the writer and researcher for the hugely popular Ghost Adventures show. He is also doing several virtual presentations from the Chicopee library on Tuesday and then the Westfield Athenaeum on Wednesday, check out there respective web sites for details. Also this week, I decided to dedicate the show to “cover” bands, including several local groups that I have seen in concert including Livio Gravini from American Zepplin. Mass Floyd, 33 1/3: Killer Queen, Back In Black, WildFire & Goff Stock’ were also featured, great stuff!!! Check It Out, Enjoy!!!

07/02/2020: This show, we remember that all heroes don’t wear capes. This is our 4th of July, patriotic show. Lots of music paying homage to our armed forces in each set. You can listen in and see if any fireworks start flying with Lynn this week, lol. Crank it up, Enjoy!!!

06/25/2020: This is our Father’s Day show! I selected some of my favorite music for the double plays, so good stuff there. Add to that some friendly banter and mild abuse (directed at me, by Lynn. Lol), and you have the basics for an awesome show!!! Check it out, Enjoy!!!

06/18/2020: The stars really aligned for this show. I have wanted to have my nephew, Jeremy Goff, on the show for literally years now. He was on vacation this week and presto…co-host! We played a bunch of double plays as well as some of Jeremy’s original and cover music, ending the show with an awesome, original, song about Walt Disney World sung to the tune of John Denver’s Take Me Home, Country Roads. This is a must hear to be believed arrangement. You can find Jeremy on Facebook by looking up GoffStock for his weekly shows! I even played a dedication to a friend too. Don’t worry though, while Lynn was on assignment this week, she’ll be back for next week’s show (assuming that the bail money is paid by then). Lol!!! Enjoy, I know we did!!!