On this page, I will supply links and descriptions for the articles that have been written about the Agawam Paranormal team. Some of these will be based on our library presentations and others will be more about the team in general. However, all were insightful and interesting. I would also like to thank all of the writers for there efforts and kind words, it truly is appreciated. Enjoy.

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Northfield Gets Crash Course in Ghost Hunting

This article was published in the Halloween 2013 edition of the Greenfield Recorder. Written by Staff Reporter David Rainville, the article was both very insightful and informative. David attended a Ghostology 101 presentation at the Northfield Library and was completely taken aback by the program. The presentation was very well received by the patrons and plans are already being made for a return visit next year. Check out the “Library” tab to read the opinions and views of the Library staff. Awesome location!!!

Agawam Paranormal Society grows from family’s ghost-hunting hobby

This article appeared in the September 4th, 2013 edition of The Republican newspaper as well as on Masslive.com. It was written by Brandon Chase who would actually accompany us on an investigation to the Thomas Smith house in Feeding Hills (Case # 13-008). Brandon stated that he had a great time that evening and was very surprised as to the level of detail that was required for an investigation. Brandon later was a part of the evidence review from the case and was witness to the findings from the visit.

Agawam Paranormal detects activity in town.

This article appeared in the October 26th, 2012 edition of the South Hadley Town Reminder and was written by Kristin Will. In order to experience what the Agawam Paranormal team actually does, Kristin braved a chilly evening in a spooky graveyard. She conducted interviews with different members of the team and was able to participate in the investigation of the historic South Hadley cemetery. A good time was had by all and Kristin was able to survive to get her story.

 Holyoke library visitors get ‘Ghostology 101’ presentation from Agawam Paranormal

This article appeared in the June 15th, 2012 edition of The Republican newspaper as well as on Masslive.com and was written by Mike Plaisance. Mike attended a Ghostology 101 presentation at the Holyoke Public Library with a staff photographer and enjoyed the evening’s program. After interviewing myself, Mike also spoke with the Assistant Director of the Holyoke Public Library, Carla Wessels, about the presentation and team. The results of his work can be viewed from the link above.