06/11/2020: On this week’s show, I decided to ask both my wife, Hope, and co-host, Lynn, to pick out the music. They did an awesome job but once again, I played music that I never expected to play on air. This was a “blue moon” sort of show but one that is pretty interesting and diverse (Lynn made me play disco). I knew prior to the show that at least one song would be edited out by YouTube censors, Hotel California by the Eagles, fortunately that was the only one. Some pretty deep conversation + great music = awesome show! Check it out and Enjoy!!!

06/04/2020: Welcome back Pete!!! Our Producer, Mr. Pete Cowles, was in Florida last week to record and cover the SpaceX launch! It was a very good thing that Lynn brought in a new Keurig Coffee machine for the studio, after a very long journey home, Pete needed it. We got back to our normal format this week and played some great “car” music as well as some fun and games too. Check it out, Enjoy!!!

05/21/2020: This show will be wrapping up our “Decade In Review” shows and will cover 2010 through 2014. While looking for additional music that could be played in another show, I was very disappointed and decided to just end the series here. So, on this episode of the Bobby G & Company Show, you’ll hear some more awesome music (some of which I will admit that I never expected to play on air) as well as some, hopefully, witty banter and just some plain old fun. Pete will be in Florida next week so we will be playing a “Best Of” show. We’ll be back live on the 4th of June. Check this one out and Enjoy!!!

05/14/2020: Wrapping up the 2000’s this week. Again, some music that I never expected to play on the show, but the masses have spoken!!! Once again, 5 hour energy to the rescue, add that to a coffee and wahoo, jumpin’ Jehoshaphat (or however it’s spelled, lol). Pete bought some new mike covers, lipstick all over two of them! Pete says that the “red” one bled onto the rest of them. Likely story, but he stood by it. Lots of “friendly jives and insults” too this week. So, lots of fun!!! Enjoy!!!

05/07/2020: Continuing our “decade in review” of music. This week we enjoy 2000 – 2004! I was honestly very surprised by the number of popular songs from this time frame. I truly expected to have the entire decade represented in a single show, but no, this will take two weeks too! Pete even brought us a present to celebrate Star Wars Day from May the Fourth. CUPCAKES!!! from his sister-in-law Wendy!!! Thank You, Wendy!!! I even got a Darth Vader chocolate and sprinkles too on top!!! Great music and banter!!! Enjoy!!!

04/30/2020: This week, we will be having some fun with several of our other Radio Show Hosts and examining the 1990’s too. A lot of laughs and a decade in review too. Making our isolation a little more bearable, hopefully. This week, I played some music that I never thought I ever would. Now saying that, you’ll have to tune-in and see what I mean. Check it out!!! Enjoy!!!

04/23/2020: Second half of the 1980’s “decade in review” starting right where we left off on our last show. Again, way too many choices to cram down into a three hour format!!! Man, did these songs bring back a lot of memories for me! This week I had another 5 hour energy while Lynn had a “hate-r-aide”. Add to that coffee, the sky’s the limit!!! Check this one out!!!

04/16/2020: This week we re-visit the 1980’s!!! I ran into a little problem though, there were simply so many incredible songs from this time that I actually had to cut the decade in half! This week will be 1980 – 1984! Just how much music can I cram into a three hour show??? Pete is also getting his wish, I am going, both feet in, political this week!!! 5 hour energy is an awesome invention!!! Check it out!!!

04/09/2020: Okay, we’re at it again with our “decade in review” this week with the 1970’s!!! Lynn wore her polyester outfit and shared some of her shadier experiences, those that she remembers anyways…just kidding but she did wear a tie-dye shirt with white go-go boots. Check this one out!!!

04/02/2020: Lots going on this week!!! We are broadcasting a three hour show today dedicated to the 1960’s with our new music idea, the Decade in Review. I played 15 songs all progressively from the 60’s starting in 1960 and culminating in 1969! There was some truly awesome music from that time and I took all of them from the Billboard Music reviews from each year. Add to that the maiden voyage of the Bobby G & Company’s new weather chopper Sky One, piloted by my wife Hope Goff. We hope that you enjoy listening to these segments as much as we did making them! So, like I said, lot’s going on this week. Check it out and enjoy!!!

03/26/2020: This week, Hope came in and joined us for our broadcast, remembering just how crazy we are both on and off the air. I am really getting pretty upset with YouTube and their censoring of music selections. Three songs were edited out this week. I expected the Beatles but was surprised by Led Zepplin and AC/DC being added to the list. Oh well, nothing to do but enjoy the rest of the show. As always, check it out!!!

03/19/2020: We started our longer broadcasts due to the school canceling classes this week. Lynn resists our efforts for social distancing right from the start. Once we got that all sorted out, we were joined by Lynn’s granddaughter Sophia “Arc” Simmons. We played everything from classic rock to Japanese techno stuff. Check this one out!!!

03/12/2020: This week we all got our Star Trek nerd out, showing our fashion style by wearing our new golf shirts! While we started off with some technical difficulties, Pete had to actually run over to the University for a fix. This didn’t stop us from having an awesome show. Lots of fun and great music! Check it out!!!

03/05/2020: Lynn has returned!!! We dug out some great music and had some fun little jabs along the way. Pete is always trying to get me to be more “Political” with expressing my views. I let him have it with both barrels today! Lots of stats and discussions too. One not to miss!!! Enjoy!!!

02/27/2020: Lynn is still out, she apparently got sick during the Subaru Alpaca look alike, leg hair competition. It must have been all that walking around barefoot that did it. Angela Grout joined me again this week as my co-host and we were also joined by our good friend, the “Bean” of West Springfield, Mr. “Boom Boom” Bob Mancini! Lots of great music (even Elvis this week) and fun interaction (some at Lynn’s expense, big surprise. lol). Listen in to hear what’s coming up for Reality Star Boxing. Enjoy!!!

02/20/2020: Lynn was out on assignment this week for the “Mid-Winter Tree Hugging Festival Event” brought to you by your local Subaru dealers. Lynn will be judging and competing in the “Alpaca Look Alike Leg Competition”. I know that she has been training very hard and wish her good luck. Angela Grout joined Pete and I this week to fill-in as co-host and did an outstanding job! Molly Grout also joined us this morning! Check it out and enjoy!!!

02/13/2020: This is our Valentine’s Day show and we were joined by Angela Grout from the Agawam Flower shop. Angela is a published author as well as being the owner of the flower shop. She was a perfect fit for the show, especially the Valentine’s Day show! Lots of “Mooshi, Mooshi” music with a peppering of laughs too. Listen carefully and you’ll learn just what song Hope sings at karaoke. I even had to play a country song as a dedication.

02/06/2020: This week’s show is an extended version due to the School being closed today. Once again, some great music and funny banter. We were supposed to have some guests, but they had to cancel due to the weather. Hardcore Snowflakes!!! Check it out, Enjoy!!!

01/30/2020: This week’s show has some awesome, butt moving music! We had some pretty funny moments as well as a few places that even I wouldn’t go (yes, there are a few of them). I do think that Lynn is going to hurt Pete. The Superbowl talk is pretty funny too. Enjoy!!!

01/23/2020: This week’s show was a remote taping, all the way out to Chester to interview our friend, Mr. Bryan Farr with the Historic US Route 20 Association. This was another incredible interview with a very interesting story. We even purchased three copes of his Route 20 book. Just an amazing publication that is very well worth the read! Check this one out, you won’t regret it and it helps support a local non-profit. Enjoy!!!

01/16/2020: This week starts off with the theme from UFO, one of my all time favorite science fiction shows. We talked about the rumor that they were considering canceling the Super Bowl this year due to the Patriots not playing since nobody really cares anymore. Lol. As always, some funny conversation combined with great music! Enjoy!!!

01/09/2020: Started off this week with some technical difficulties, but Pete came through once again!!! My technical wizard!!! Several birthday announcements too, my son Bobby Jr. turns 30 on the 10th and the dreaded two foot twister of terror (otherwise known as my granddaughter Jasmine) turns 3 on the 13th!!! As always, some pretty awesome music too. Check it out!!!

01/02/2020: This show was very special for me as it marks the one year anniversary of our return to a weekly show! While I’m not completely sure where the time went, it has been and continues to be a blast bringing you, our audience, a fun and entertaining (hopefully, lol) show. There is also a theme to the music, with the exception of the theme song and the Pink Floyd fix. See if you can figure it out, if not I’ll let you know at the end of the broadcast. Enjoy!!!

12/26/2019: This week’s show opens with the Imperial March from The Empire Strikes Back. Pete shared his camera during the opening and it was a blast to watch him conducting the orchestra! Nice way to start off a show, with a chuckle. This was our final broadcast of 2019. What a year!!! Please everyone, from all of us at the Bobby G. & Co. Show, have a very Happy and Safe New Year!!! See you in 2020!!! Enjoy!!!

12/19/2019:  Since this was also our final show before Christmas, it was our rendition of a Christmas broadcast. I decided early on that I would not be playing any real serious songs but ones that I always enjoyed hearing on the air. Enjoy some of my favorites and Merry Christmas!!!

12/12/2019: This week Lynn Pete and I had some interesting talks about all things relevant and trivial. Lynn continues to abuse me, with my wife’s permission of course. We also cut our first promo on the air too. I was also very happy to announce the birth of Samuel David Bates born to some awesome parents and friends, Heather & Mike Bates. Congratulations!!!

12/05/2019: This week Lynn was out on another assignment at a Bizarre Holiday Festival sponsored by Subaru. Actually, she was very sick and had to stay home to rest and recover. This is like the cat is away scenario though, nobody to reign in Pete and I this show. Lots of fun, check it out!!!

11/28/2019: This is our Thanksgiving Show!!! We were joined by Kayla and Kellie Iutzwig, also know as Wildfire!!! This is a band that will be a huge name in the music industry some day, just incredibly talented sisters. Their father and Manager, Rob Iutzwig, was also a huge part of this interview. The first segment of the interview had some audio issues that we were able to correct in the second segment. I played 4 different tracks from their CD. Great show, Interview and music!!! You can find them at WildFireSings.com. Check it out!!!

11/25/2019: This is an extra edition of the Bobby G. and Company Show because of the Westfield Food Drive! Back to our original time slot of early Monday morning (only for today). I was trying to come up with some different music choices and decided on some “butt moving” music in an effort to keep everyone awake and pumped. Awesome event! Check it out!!!

11/21/2019: This week was a tribute to the 90’s with the music selection. Lynn, as always, abuses me but we had a blast and again, as always, some really interesting segments and random facts. Check it out!!!

11/14/2019: This week we are joined by a local Author and Business Woman, as well as a personal friend, Mrs. Angela Grout owner of the Agawam Flower Shop. We spoke about her three books currently published as well as a number of amusing things and stories. Add some awesome music and you have an incredible show. Check it out!!!

11/07/2019: This week I invited my good friend Mr. Al Goodhind to be on the show. We talked about some West Springfield events and some of Al’s interesting hobbies and activities. Lots of antics and laughs too. Check it out!!!

10/31/2019: This week was our Halloween show!!! We all got dressed up for the occasion, myself as Kirk, Lynn as Marilyn Monroe and Pete as an old school football player. The music was all about monsters or holiday stuff, except for the dedication. I broke my own rule by playing country music for Chris & Lyndsay Pisano. Congratulations on their announcement that they are expecting their second child!!! I felt that this was more than reason enough to break that self imposed law (just this once). It was also an awesome way to say “Thank You” to Chris for all of his efforts for my team. Check it out!!! (Lynn really can’t sing!!! lol)

10/24/2019: This week we Lynn gave me some music suggestions for a more classic rock sort of show, which sounded like a really great idea to me. We also talked about everything from the paranormal to Vampirina. I was very honored to play a very special dedication for Tim Hurley (Pete’s son). Congratulations Tim!!!

10/17/2019: This week we had West Springfield’s favorite son, the “Bean” Mr. Boom-Boom Bob Mancini. We chatted about his newest adventure of Reality Star Boxing and his scheduled Meet & Greet with Joey D’Onofrio, Michelle Dibernardo and Jacqueline Boyle. You can also find out why Pete’s girlfriend has to dress him in the morning, lol. Check it out and Enjoy!!!

10/10/2019: This week was a blast, we covered all kinds of ground this morning. Lynn gave me a list of possible additions for the music that I had fun tearing apart. We talked about my mishap last week on the way home from a paranormal presentation. Listen to find out what I said to make Pete actually burst out with uncontrolled laughter. Enjoy!!!

10/03/2019: This week we had a lot of morning fun, great conversations and some awesome music. Pete even started playing with some new software that allows him to have a video presence during the show, not just a voice from the darkside…Lol. Enjoy!

09/26/2019: This week’s show was taped from the Big E last week. We did quite a few interviews with different vendors and friends. Sampled some awesome foods and checking out some unique products and services. We even managed to get in some pretty awesome music too. Enjoy!!!

09/19/2019: This week was a very emotional one for me as it was the 22nd anniversary of getting married. I spent the better part of a week putting this show together to honor my wife Hope by sharing some of her favorite songs as well as some photographs from the wedding, reception and then some from our honeymoon in Rockport, Ma. Good stuff, Enjoy!!!

09/12/2019: This week’s show was just Pete and myself, Lynn was on yet another vacation. It’s amazing just how many tree hugging Subaru conventions there are in New England. Come see just how much trouble Pete and I can get into when left on our own. As always, awesome music and compelling conversations. Check it out!!!

09/05/2019: This week’s show, we talked about all kinds of things including the different types of people that hunt ghosts and such. I also want to promote my friend Shawn’s benefit, in his daughter’s name, for juvenile diabetes on Sunday (09/08/2019) afternoon at Poor Richards (166 School Street) in Chicopee from noon to midnight. Admission is only $20 for the day with proceeds going to JDRF. Check this all out, Enjoy!!!

08/22/2019: With classes beginning again next week, this will be our last extra length show for a while. So, in the flavor of education, we invited a local teacher Ms. Hannah Miller to join us and discuss several different topics about general education, classes and even some tips for both the student as well as the parent. We were also able to get in some awesome classic rock and even a few laughs too. Check it out and enjoy!!!

08/15/2019: This week Lynn, Pete and I actually pulled off a three hour show!!! Since school will be starting again in a few weeks, that means that we will be reduced back to our 90 minute format again. This week you’ll learn just why I played the Superman theme song as our intro as well as hear my thoughts concerning the current state of teachers and teaching in our school system. I can’t wait to hear the feedback at BobbyGshowWSKB@gmail.com. Enjoy!!!

08/08/2019: After taking a way too long break from the live broadcasts, we returned this week hitting the ground running. Pete finally returned from covering the Little League World Series down south and we can get back to business. Lots of fun and laughs this week, even some Lynn abuse too (mostly from her towards me, as usual). Also a very heart-felt dedication today too. Lol, Enjoy!!!

07/25/2019: Here is the second part of our two show promotion for a charity ride sponsored by No More Silence being held this Saturday from the Still in Agawam. We have Terri McNulty, President of No More Silence joining us today. Enjoy!!!

07/18/2019: This is the first of a two week special for an event sponsored by No More Silence. On this first broadcast, we had the awesome guests Dave O’Hagan & Mark Sadler from the band Shovelhead!!! These guys were a complete blast to have in studio and if you haven’t heard their music before, you are in for a treat my friend. You can see them locally on the 27th of July at the Still in Agawam as part of a charity ride starting at the Still and later ending there. Enjoy!!!

07/04/2019: Joining us this week was Mr. Bob Mancini, Cory Adams & Sevin Leonard!!! We’ll be talking about a local charity boxing/wrestling event being held at the Club One in Feeding Hills on July 12th, doors open at 6:00pm with the first fight starting at 7:00pm. These guys were really intense and ready to go at it right there in the studio! I will be the guest ring announcer that night, so check this out and come on down on the 12th!!!

06/27/2019: This week Lynn, Pete and I discuss everything from A to Z. We had a three hour show but no Gilligan. Check it out!!!

06/20/2019: This week Lynn returns with her report from the Hippy Convention. lol. We had a lot of fun and some great music. We also covered some paranormal ground too. Check it out and Enjoy!!!

06/13/2019: This week I invited Mr. Bob Mancini to be my co-host as Lynn was up in Maine. We had a blast doing the show and were promoting an upcoming charity boxing/wrestling event. Check out the shenanigans and also see why Lynn will be killing me when she gets back home. A lot of laughs, Enjoy!!!

06/06/2019: This week marks the first broadcast of the “Bobby G. & Co. Show” instead of the regular Agawam Paranormal Radio broadcast (see above update for more information). As those of you that know me already know, I go by the name Rob for team functions and for professional situations. However, I also go by Bobby for more laid back occasions and with friends. So while Rob is, generally speaking, more professional…Bobby is much more my true personality and you never know what will come out or where we will go. This will also allow me to promote local business and events without implying a paranormal connection. So as always, Enjoy!!!

05/31/2019: This week’s broadcast of Agawam Paranormal Radio was a very personal one for me. A very close friend recently lost her father, who was a Worcester local musician, and the dedication goes out to both her and her brother. The song played is Dr. Feelgood and is played by their father!!! Check out the show and enjoy!!! As always, if there is a song that you would like to hear, let me know. Thanks for listening!!!

05/16/2019: Sorry for the delay in posting last week’s show. I have been sick and add to that allergies too. On this broadcast, we had the two students that designed and worked on our background graphic for the show. Michael Deyette and Gabe Luppi were a lot of fun to interview and I wish them the very best in their future endeavors.

05/09/2019: Today Lynn and I were joined by Kim Wheeler from the Agawam Cinemas. We spoke about how she and her family took a condemned building and turned it into a beautiful family cinema. We covered a lot of history and upcoming events too, not to mention some awesome music. You can find movie listing at AgawamCinemas.org. Check it out and Enjoy!!!

05/02/2019: This week’s show was rather personal for me. Kate Gourd has been a friend to my family for many years now and I have wanted to get her on the air for months now. Kate and her family own Cooper’s Gifts in Agawam. This is a very unique store that has some one-of-a-kind gifts and as a typical guy, I really need some help sometimes picking out a present for my wife (she’s not a fan of power tools from Home Depot). This is definitely the place to go! The staff is extremely helpful and friendly, they even gift wrap too!!! They are located at 161 Main Street in Agawam and you can call them at (413)786-7760. Guys, this is a home run!!! Enjoy!!!

04/25/2019: Joining us this week is Julie Barnes from the Veteran’s Service Office in Westfield. I was surprised when her husband, Brian, also joined us and shared some incredible stories about their military experiences. For me, this was a very exciting interview with two great people. If you have any questions about veteran benefits for either yourself or a spouse, contact Julie at any of the following: https://www.cityofwestfield.org/221/veterans-services or https://www.facebook.com/westfieldmavets/. You can also get more information from “Warriors Art Room @ https://warriorsartroom.org and Project New Hope @ https://www.projectnewhopema.org. The physical offices are at 45 Noble Street in Westfield and can be reached at (413)572-6247 or fax at (413)572-6242. Enjoy!!

04/18/2019: Okay, finally the censors at YouTube have completed their removal of a Jimmi Hendrix song (two weeks) from the show and I can now finally post it. I was very happy to have a friend and fellow paranormal die-hard join me and Hope on the show. Mr Rich Horn from Colorado Paratech and GhostLightCo.com shared his insights and beliefs about Casper and the changing world of ghost hunting. Rich is the vendor that we use for all of our hand-held camera illumination and I highly recommend him to everyone! This was an awesome interview and conversation. Check it out, Enjoy!!!

04/11/2019: This week, Dan Chaffee returns to talk about health care, nutritional supplements and the Keto plan as well as how it impacts your workout routine as well as the benefits of such a diet. Check it out, Enjoy!!!

04/04/2019: On this week’s broadcast, I interviewed Ryan Begin from Westfield State University about hosting Agawam Paranormal for our Ghostology 201 presentation tonight on campus. Ryan brought Lindsey Corbet and Olivia Hamparsoomian with him and we were able to discuss several other major events taking place on the campus very soon. As always, some great music and amusing banter. Enjoy!!!

03/28/2019: Sorry for the delay in posting this past week’s radio program, very busy weekend with a new residential investigation going on. I was very happy to welcome my friend Bob Mancini back to the show. He brought with him a local boxing talent, Taylor Smith, for an interview and some fun too. We talked about her boxing career as well as Bob’s recent attempt at becoming a pro wrestling referee too. I even played Free Bird (by popular opinion from a Facebook poll) for Lynn. Enjoy!!!

03/21/2019: On this show, I invited Anne Benoit to return and discuss the Kiwanis Annual Auction. It was a complete success this year and will go towards helping local children. We also discussed some of my birthday mindsets and Pete’s neon green hair!!! Enjoy!!!

03/14/2019: Yesterday’s show was held up by the all mighty censors from YouTube. Apparently they did not approve of some of the music that I played and had to edit the sound from the taped broadcast prior to it being allowed on sites. However, we did have an awesome show and interviewed Teresa Bonavita from Towne Liqours and Towne Taproom, in Agawam, about upcoming events for the St. Patrick’s Day Road Race Breakfast this Saturday morning. Check it out and enjoy!!!

03/07/2019: Today’s show, I was very happy to interview a good friend of mine, Mr. Bob Mancini. We spoke about his political career with West Springfield, his background with boxing and his paranormal experiences in the now demolished Knight’s of Columbus. Enjoy!!!

02/28/2019: On today’s show we have Anne Benoit from the Westfield Kiwanis organization talking about her group and their upcoming auction that benefits local children. Agawam Paranormal donated a “Guest Investigator” package for two valued at $340.00!!! Many people ask me just how they can join us on an investigation, this is your chance and it benefits a great cause too!!! Note that due to the icing conditions last Thursday morning, we simply played a previous broadcast and were not live. Enjoy!!!

02/14/2019: Our Valentine’s Day Show!!! Hope joined me today and brought the “Moochie Moochie” portion of the show while I played music for the anti-VD crowd. lol Enjoy!!!

02/07/2019: On this broadcast, I was very honored to have my good friend and fellow paranormal enthusiast Ms. Becky Vickers for an interview. Becky has a team in the Dallas area of Texas and has recently published her first book about a location that they have researched and investigated extensively, practically right in their own back yard, the Goatman Bridge! This is one not to miss!!! Enjoy!!!

Due to the weather, there was no live broadcast on 01/31/2019. Instead we replayed a past show. Sorry.