***Hello All, I just wanted to mention that this year, due to the amount of residential cases, I have not created a new version of the Ghostology 301 or Ghostology 401 presentations. This is because all residential cases require a level of confidentiality that would force me to restrict most evidence captured from each investigation. Hopefully, they’ll both be back next year. Also, I have posted several “private” events on the events calendar. This was done in order to establish speaking dates for other libraries or organizations as to availability. Thanks, Rob

***I am very pleased to announce that Alex Hajec and Rose Hajec-Gebo have been promoted to “Active Investigator”. And that Amanda Matusko and Joy Holhut have both added “Team Documentarian” to their respecting abilities and responsibilities within the team. Congratulations to all on their individual advancements and achievements!!!

***Scare-A-Con was an incredible experience for my team. I was able to spend a lot of time with the different Hollywood celebrities (Ernie Hudson, Adrienne Barbeau, Tom Atkins, Jordan Ladd, Steve Marshal, Jason Lively, Ve Neill, Sean Whalon, PJ Soles, Butch Patrick and so many more). Not to mention Jason Hawes, Steve and Joe Chin. The panel event went perfectly, I met my fellow panel member literally minutes prior to the discussion. John Brightman (Ghost Adventure) was my partner and we hit it off so well that we were actually finishing each others sentences by the end. Just a great guy, and a new friend. So many of the celebrities became friends this weekend, exchanging cell phone numbers and making plans for future conventions. Just a mind blowing experience! To cap off an awesome weekend, JV Johnson (promoter) and Jason Hawes asked me to be a guest on their radio pod cast! You can hear the show at Beyondrealityradio.com. Check it out. I can say that I am very proud of the members that volunteered for this event, they all did an exceptional job making these people feel welcomed. I want to give a special “Thank You” out to Don Turcotte for having my back all weekend, I couldn’t have done it without Don.

***This weekend (June 3rd, 4th and 5th) come on out to the Mass Mutual Center for Scare-A-Con!!! There will be tons of celebrities from horror movies and the world of the paranormal there for autographs, photos or just to talk to. There is a discussion scheduled for 3:00pm on Saturday on haunted houses and I was asked to be a part of the celebrity panel!! You can find them on Facebook for a complete list of events and celebrities attending. This is the first year, of hopefully many, for this event. Come on out and help us make it successful!!!

*** Due to Jeremy’s busy schedule within the comedy world, we have changed vendors to Soul Crusher Graphics, owned by Senior Investigator Carl Perkins. Check out the “Merchandise” tab for more information. Best of luck to Jeremy!!!

***I would like to announce that Stephanie Ejsmont has been promoted to an “Active” Investigator. Congratulations Steph!!!

***I would like to announce that Don Turcotte has become a new member of the Technical Department and that John Crawford has been promoted to an “Active” Investigator. Congratulations to both Don and John!!!

***I would like to announce that Bruce and Sharon Kulas have been promoted to “Active” Investigators. Congratulations to both Bruce and Sharon!!!

***A lot of people ask, just what do the investigators from Agawam Paranormal do in their “off” time? Well my Technical Department Manager, Jeremy Goff, is a very talented “Stand-up” Comedian. Jeremy usually can be found at the Cabot Street Pub in Chicopee on most Thursday evenings. They offer an incredible deal, for $10 you get admission into the comedy night and a buffet style dinner too! See just below for the details in Jeremy’s own words:

Every Thursday at Cabot Comedy Club in Chicopee come see me try to make people laugh.  The show starts at 8pm and for a $10 cover you get the show and a buffet dinner.  It’s the best deal around.  We have some of the best local and nationally touring comedians around stopping by to perform.  I’d love to see you all there.  Reserved seating available.  Just let me know how many seats you need.
Thursday, November 19th is a very special show.  It’s the one year anniversary of the club.  The headliner for the night will be Paul Virzi.  Paul is currently on tour with Bill Burr.  This Saturday he is performing at Madison Square Garden and on Thursday he is coming by little ol’ Chicopee.  This show is not to be missed.  Advance tickets are suggested. 
Go here to buy them: http:// bpt.me/2463342  Contact me for more info.