Okay, I am going to attempt to start updating our case files here for the general public. Please understand that there is a lot of information that is being considered confidential for each case. Also remember that the primary goal of Agawam Paranormal is to attempt to provide “piece of mind” to the respective client for each case. This is how we measure our success rate. The individual cases will be referred to by their case numbers that are assigned to every case at the time of acceptance. These case numbers also begin with the addition of our new investigation software that we use, I will not be including any cases prior to the new reporting system. If there are any questions, please feel free to either comment or simply write me an e-mail.
Rob Goff Sr.

Case # 11-001
Case Status: Closed*

This is a local residential case that reports several different ghosts / spirits that are active. There is reportedly the spirit of an older women on the second floor (bedrooms) as well as the main living floor. She has been seen and heard by the owner on multiple occasions. Also of interest here is that the owner’s cat also reacts to the presence of this entity. This spirit is not feared by the owner but simply acknowledged and respected. It is believed that this spirit is that of a previous owner of the house that simply loved the home and never wanted to leave it. As a point of historical fact, a prior owner actually fell down the stairs connecting the main living floor to the bedroom, second floor. While this accident did not result in a direct fatality, the woman did pass away as a result of these injuries in the hospital. The location of this fall is where a majority of the paranormal activity has been reported by the client as well as experienced by the Agawam Paranormal team.

The basement area is home to another reported haunting, that of a supposedly young man that might have died on the property. This spirit seems to be much more negative and causes the owner stress whenever they are forced to head down there. Also the cat refuses to go down the stairs to the basement. This spirit, according to the urban legend, was involved in a “drug deal gone bad”. He was supposedly murdered in the basement and buried down there as it is a dirt floor. While there is no empirical evidence of this story being anything other than legend, this is what Chris (psychic) has also felt at the location. We are still looking into the possibility of any truth to this portion of the reported activity.

Agawam Paranormal has completed our first initial investigation on site and found some EVP evidence as well as quite a few personal experiences. Since this is an ongoing investigation, I cannot comment further at this time.


We just finally returned to this location and were rather surprised by all of the new activity present here. Remember that one of the reported hauntings was in the basement. We set up our static, night vision cameras all over the house including two in the basement area. We also used two different laser grids down there with one of the cameras. Within approximately 15 minutes, both grids were powerless. Two of the investigators that were in the basement reported feeling touched while setting up some equipment. One was touched on the head and the other was on the back of the shoulder.

Later on during the evening, a team was finishing up in the basement and as they were going up the stairs, the last investigator felt like someone or something was rushing up the stairs at her. This experience really scared her and she was visibly shocked for quite a while in Command Center. Unfortunately nothing showed up on the camera, at that time. Shortly after that happened, we noticed a light / vapor anomaly appear at the bottom of those stairs. Nobody was in the basement at that time, but it appears as if something was trying to manifest itself.

Upon reviewing the evidence from that evening, we noticed a lot of Orb activity was present. We also had a slight startle when someone noticed two glowing eyes watching the camera, until the cat came the rest of the way into frame. Several potential EVP’s were also possible and need to be run through further enhancement and scrubbers.

All in all, it was an interesting evening for both myself and the team and we are looking forward to possibly returning for another visit even though this case is officially listed as closed.

Case# 11-002
Case Status: Closed*

This is a local residential case that reported so much activity that I immediately began to question if there were more than the single spirit that the owners were reporting. There is a family history attached with this property and the client actually grew-up in the house. However, even as a child, she felt that there was something unseen present and was constantly afraid of certain rooms within the house, including her own childhood bedroom. Now as an adult, she is looking for answers.

The initial research work was able to document several deaths at the property going back over 125 years. Agawam Paranormal conducted the “Psychic Walk-Through” portion of our investigation and it was felt, by the psychic, that the primary spirit present was there to watch over and protect the client. Chris (psychic) also felt that the spirit was very regretful for scaring the client for so many years, but was simply trying to let her know that it was there. During this walk through, we experienced a piece of furniture actually moving several inches and giving both Chris and I quite a startle (we were the only ones in the house at the time and the furniture was 3 feet behind me while Chris was seated in front of me, facing it).

One major point of interest here is that Chris, at this time, did not know any of the client’s history or any reported activity. Chris always comes in “cold” and completely unaware of the new cases that we investigate. We also captured several EVP’s very shortly after this. The first was the sound of a man’s laughter when we asked about the furniture moving and the other was with a male voice stating that it had moved the object. I was the only male in the house and this was clearly not my voice.

One of our investigators, Dan,  is actually a local Police Officer. Dan always takes a “no-nonsense” approach to his investigative work (one can understand that due to his vocation). During his work in the second floor bedroom and closet area, he began to feel that he couldn’t breathe correctly and he began to feel nauseous. We immediately removed him from the location and by the time he reached the end of the street, he felt completely normal once again. Next time I’ll have him try the “good cop” role instead.

Upon returning we attempted, at the request of the clients, to make contact with the suspected spirit and encourage it to move on. We employed both our religious beliefs, shared by the clients, and the psychic’s abilities to convince the spirit to move on. A heart felt appeal by the client’s husband seemed to really have an effect as he stated that since she was his wife now it was his responsibility to protect her, but he also thanked the spirit for looking after her for all these years. It simply was time for the spirit to move on and be with it’s own family now and enjoy the rest that it deserved. A prayer was said for the spirit in an effort to make the spirit feel more comfortable. Once this was finished, you could actually feel the difference in the room and the house. The psychic reported that she felt the spirit “cross-over” and that it was now completely at peace.

Agawam Paranormal still considers this case to be closed, at this time. However the clients now have piece of mind and that is all that really matters. There are still reports of activity in the home. Shadow people, objects being moved and orbs are only some of the reports from this client. I, at least, can personally vouch for the objects moving part.

Case # 12-001
Case Status: Closed*

This is a residential case that is local. This house is physically huge, with four living / usable floors. The “footprint”  of the house is easily twice as large as a regular sized home. The reports were centered around the youngest children living in the home. Since this case included children, Agawam Paranormal immediately considered it to be an emergency case.

The reports were initially that the youngest children would both wake from night terrors on an almost nightly basis and come running and screaming into the parents bedroom. These children do not share a room and would awaken at different times of the evening, but would react in the same manner. There were other reports of activity from the family, but this was the most disturbing.

The research began and the “Psychic Walk-Through” was scheduled. Upon our initial arrival, we became aware of these client’s very strong sense of family and what can only be described as an overwhelming feeling of love that they have for each other. I now believe that it was this very sense of family that the spirit was being attracted to.

The team psychic was immediately drawn to two different areas in the home. Both of these areas were where the clients were reporting the majority of their activity (besides the bedrooms). It is important to remember that Chris (psychic) knows absolutely nothing about any case that she is brought in on. Chris began to feel the spirit of an older woman, kind of like a grandmotherly figure. Chris also did not feel anything negative about this spirit. What was unexpected for me was that the client suspected the spirit of a young child, according to Chris this was not the case here.

Once Chris expressed her theory concerning the older lady, I began to wonder if the spirit was simply trying to contact the children and was not intentionally scaring them. I asked Chris if the spirit was in the room with us and where she was standing. Chris said that the spirit was with us and was watching us from the corner of the room. I started talking out loud to the spirit, as if I was speaking to a live person, and explained to it that it’s actions were causing problems for the family. I told the spirit to please stop trying to talk with the children and encouraged it to try and speak to the parents (with their permission) instead as they could feel her too. Of major note here is that immediately after this night, both of the children were able to sleep through the night in their own beds and the night terrors completely ceased and have not returned. Those of you that know me would know that I am very slow to jump on the “Casper Bandwagon” and much prefer a tangible reason or evidence for things, however even I was very surprised at the apparent immediate results where the children were concerned.

While Chris’ word is enough for me to use as to camera placement and EVP locations, we always attempt to use her gifts in getting evidence for the client. We have received numerous EVP’s and EMF readings here that we simply could not explain. Such as getting a reading in the middle of a room, nowhere near any electrical appliance or wiring in the walls or floors / ceiling. We also have a master electrician on the team, Carl, and even he could not explain the readings.

We have also captured some interesting photographs here. I say interesting because I’m not convinced that they are paranormal in nature (again Casper Bandwagon), even though we were not able to reproduce them and the effect observed was never shot on this camera before.

Recently we returned to this location after receiving a male voice on an EVP. Remember that prior to this recording, we only captured evidence of a female presence. Once again, we experienced all of the same occurrences in the home, EMF readings, EVP’s, sounds of movement elsewhere in the home. Chris began to pick-up on the spirit of a man. She felt that he was there against his own will and had been brought into the home due to an object attachment. After completing an evening’s investigation, lasting until almost 5:00am, we attempted to cross-over this spirit. Activity has returned to normal again and the family is doing well.

This is a location that we consistently capture evidence every time we investigate there. As such, with the blessings of the family, we are officially closing this case but are simply a telephone call away should this family ever need us.

Case # 12-002
Case Status: Closed*

This case was also a local residential case in which the clients were reporting sounds and seeing movement out of the corners of their eyes. While I believe that these clients might have been sincere, but there were simply too many outside factors involved to accomplish any real investigative work on site.

As a result, this case is closed.

Case #12-003
Case Status: Closed*

This case is a local commercial case. The reports were feeling like they were being watched, hearing voices and having objects moved. This activity was reported by many employees.

Unfortunately, this client has requested complete confidentiality with the case and as such I am very limited in what I can report. I can say that we did experience major EMF activity, with several meters being involved that were up to 12 feet apart (those of you familiar with EMF readings will know just how rare it is for meters that far apart to react together). This seemed to be actually answering questions asked during an EVP session. A magazine was apparently thrown from a rack, landing 4 feet away as opposed to straight down as if it simply fell. Investigators were feeling like they were being watched all night and experiencing the sensation of their hair on their arms and back of their necks standing on end. We also experience a “hot spot” in the middle of a room. There was a 15 degree difference in the temperature that was not explained, as there was no venting or heat on.

At one point during the evening, I was in command center watching the DVR cameras and actually witnessed an Orb float past Jeff as he was setting up a trigger object in front of one of the cameras. What was really interesting here is that Jeff clearly reacted to the Orb and actually saw it move by him. Jeff immediately reported in on his radio what he had just seen and I was able to inform him that I also was a witness too. A trigger item is something that we will place near a camera in an effort to capture some activity. The object changes from investigation to investigation as we always attempt to use something of interest to the suspected spirit. A toy, for example, if we believe that we are dealing with a child entity.

On a return visit, I actually became pretty upset at one of the suspected ghosts that seem to occupy this location. We were attempting to make contact with a ghost that seems to haunt this building, we believe it is the ghost of a young man that apparently died in a motorcycle accident. Client reports claim that people, mostly women, feel unexplained anxiety and tension in a certain area of this location. Chris ,our Psychic-Medium, claimed that the ghost was avoiding us because we were not going to be afraid of him. I became very angry, for no apparent reason, and started to chew-out this entity as if it were my own son and he had done something wrong. Chris told me that I had his complete attention and that he was definitely listening to me. Chris felt that my “parental” approach towards dealing with him actually worked and that he would respect the boundaries that I had established. What is really strange about all of this is that it takes a lot to get me to the point that I am yelling at someone, but what got to me here was that this ghost was acting like a bully and targeting women. This is not a mind set that I generally use on investigations, nor do I recommend it as one.

On our final visit, we conducted a dowsing rod session. That was pretty impressive. One of the other ghosts that we believe to be haunting this location is that of a small child. The child seems to be aware of it’s situation but simply likes being there and doesn’t want to move on. During the dowsing rod session, we were able to establish contact with both the child and the young man. Both remembered us from past visits and seemed to be happy that we had returned. What for me, is always amazing about a dowsing rod session, is when you start to ask a question and the rods start to move before you can finish asking whatever you were asking and then they stop part way through the answer and decide that the opposite response is a better answer. One of my Senior (at that time, now a Lead) Investigators, Lynn, had never experienced a dowsing rod session prior to this evening’s investigation. When we in contact with the child, Lynn was actually moved to tears. This just goes to show how very personal these investigations and cases can become.

During the course of our work here, we have captured several EVP’s and had many personal experiences. My only regret here is that I cannot identify this location as some of you have definitely been here before. There’s a creepy thought to go to sleep with tonight.

Case #12-004
Case Status: Closed*

This was a residential case that we accepted after hearing from the client and her husband. She was reporting that she would have her chair physically turned and rocked, as if by unseen hands, on a fairly regular basis. They were seeing shadow people, near their front door, heading down the hallway. I received a call from the client one afternoon, she was very upset about something that had just happened to her. She reported that she had just finished eating her lunch in the living room while watching some TV, after finishing she brought all of her dishes into the kitchen and then went to the bathroom to powder her nose before returning to her television program. When she returned to the living room, there was another cup on the coffee table. This cup was in the kitchen before lunch and she was home alone.

We were scheduled to investigate that weekend. Once there, we used our DVR system (8 camera) to cover the areas of reported activity. We had a camera placed to look down the hallway towards the front door. The video we captured was quite a surprise to us. There was clearly nothing on the wall facing the camera, when an orb just pops out of the wall and floats down the hallway towards the camera and enters the bathroom. Since you can clearly see that the wall is empty (no bugs or anything on it), you can actually see the orb come right through the wall before heading on to the bathroom.

There was also a vaporous anomaly that appeared in the basement in an office area. One of our investigators felt the compulsion to take pictures near the door to a home office (where the chair was being moved) and managed to capture several photos of what appears to be a vaporous apparition forming. Add to all of this the EMF readings that seemed to be traveling around the room and refused to stay still. As well as EVP’s that were captured on site and we had a pretty active location.

Chris (psychic) “felt” two names during her walk-through. This was recorded on a digital recorder. Chris named two spirits and asked me to check with the clients for her accuracy. Remember, first that Chris has absolutely no knowledge of any location prior to her walk-through and also that genealogy is not a part of the interview phase. When I asked the clients as to the names, the husband looked quite surprised and stated that they were his parents!!! Okay I admit it, Chris really freaked me out with that one.

Since we now believed that we were dealing with friendly spirits just watching over their son, we informed the clients that they had to ask the spirits to move on and to stop interacting with the client (wife) as they were terrifying her. I decided to wait for an extended period of time prior to giving these clients their reveal in an effort to be sure that they were able to have the outcome that they desired. After my last conversation with the clients, the paranormal activity in the home has abated completely.

Case #12-005
Case Status: Closed*

This investigation is a local home and is believed, by the client, to be her late husband. Agawam Paranormal has conducted several investigations at this site and has been able to capture multiple EVP’s, Photographs, EMF readings as well as our psychic “feeling” two spirits. Not to mention all of the personal experiences!!!

On a recent visit to this site, one of my Lead Investigators was in the basement adjusting one of our cameras. Upon finishing that task, he was at the bottom of the stairs (still in the basement) and I was at the top of the same stairs looking down at him. The Lead Investigator shut-off the washroom light (an old toggle switch that makes a crisp snapping sound when switched) and began to climb the stairs towards me. He only got two stairs up when we both heard a distinct “snap” and the washroom lights came on behind him. He stopped, turned around and turned off the lights once again. You Guessed it, he only got back to the second step again and “snap” the lights came back on again. This happened three times. While this was not a scary experience, I was very amused at the expressions on his face each time he was forced to return to the basement. The Lead Investigator then moved a camera to watch the light switch for the rest of the night, but nothing happened after that. He and I were the only ones in the house at that time.

It was maybe an hour or so later, that same evening, that the same Lead Investigator (once again) called in to Command Center to ask if there were any people in the house besides his team. They were in the basement conducting their investigation and were alone in the house. Since we had all of our cameras set-up and running, I was able to visually confirm that they were alone. He then informed me that they were hearing the sound of footsteps coming from directly overhead. He followed the footsteps with his digital recorder and was able to capture the very distinct sounds of footsteps from above. This lasted for about 10 to 15 seconds.

The master bedroom had a dimmer switch with a night light. The night light seemed to turn on and off and be answering EVP questions. I wanted to eliminate the posibilty of mechanical defects (not to mention the possibility of a very real fire hazard), so as I stated before we have a master electrician on the team. We actually replaced this switch, at no cost to the client, with a new one. We were unable to reproduce the effects of the night light after that. Thanks, Carl.

We have been able to capture EVP’s, EMF readings, Photographs (Orbs) and again psychic “feelings” from this location on each visit. After one evening’s investigation, the client and her daughter were in their kitchen after we left and began to experience major paranormal activity. The light in the master bedroom began to turn on and off (remember it was a new switch), the heavy wooden side-door actually physically opened and closed (again with them standing there) and then they both began to hear voices that seemed to come from everywhere.  This lasted for approximately 15 minutes.

On our most recent visit, we once again had paranormal activity running wild. As I’m sure that you have seen on television, we did our version of the “MagLite” test. While I am always amazed when you watch a team on TV getting an occasional flash from their light and I admit that I am also very skeptical of such results, can one safely remove the possiblity of coincidence when the test is being conducted on a table resting on a concrete floor or a fireplace heater (again still on the concrete floor) and the light responds 29 times!!! Each of these instances was captured on video and there were no investigators within 3 feet of the light! There were also 12 more hits on the light while someone was, in my opinion, too close to the light to not be sure that they had somehow influenced the situation. We also had a lot of EMF activity throughout the evening but nothing on EVP or photographs. Personal experiences include one investigator being touched on the arm while near the fireplace heater.

While I was personally investigating the basement area, I was also training a new Investigator, on her first case. I was using a “Mel-Meter” and was entering what was once a workshop. As I entered this room, I had my EMF meter held out in front of me and had the trainee following behind. She was using a K-2 meter and actually had that held in front of her as well. I noticed a spike forming on my equipment and then actually felt something pass through me (I know it sounds strange, but there really are no other words for the experience). As the feeling abated, I noticed that my EMF spike was dissipating. I then turned around and looked at my trainee. Her eyes were huge and her mouth was hanging open. She had experienced the same exact thing as I did. Talk about an eventful first investigation (and “yes” she is still with the team and is currently a Senior Investigator).

This case is now closed, however we are still available for this client for future work. While there is still room for more investigation, we have accomplished our real goal of giving this client back some piece of mind in her own home, and we are only a phone call away. This was a very bitter-sweet evening.

Case #12-006
Case Status: Closed*

This is a commercial business case that is in a local town. Due to the nature of this site, the clients have requested / required complete confidentiality. I will try and describe some of the occurrences that my team and I have experienced on site. To date, we have investigated this location on two separate evenings.

On our first visit, the team and I were able to capture multiple Orbs and EVP’s through-out the location. There was also an oddity with our EMF meters in that one investigator was holding her meter and getting very strong readings from it. I would take the meter from her and without moving my hand, the reading would completely dissipate. She would retake her meter and again without moving the meter the reading would immediately return. This was very interesting and continued to happen every time we repeated the experiment.

Quite a few photographs taken had Orbs in them. Considering that this is an indoor location with minimal dust present, we were not expecting so many, but there they were. Another investigator also experienced some rather odd happenings in one of the side rooms in that it appeared that there was something moving around behind her while she was seated in front of one of our cameras. She could hear sounds of movement but could not see any physical signs.

When we returned, we brought Chris (psychic) with us and she felt the presence of a spirit. Note that the atmosphere is very creepy here and I had to chuckle when Chris and I were doing her walk-through. At one point I had to close a door in order to reach the light switches for an area that we were entering. This put Chris on the other side of the door, in the dark room. She believed that I was still next to her and let out with a startled little yell when she realized that she was momentarily alone (remember, I was on the other side of the door). For me, this just goes to show the human side of things (even for Chris).

One investigator returned again with us and this time was actually “touched” on her neck during the investigation. We also captured even more Orbs and additional EVP’s. We did manage to debunk some of our own findings here, in that there was a really interesting light anomily that at first we could not find a valid reason for. Upon reviewing the video evidence repeatedly, we discovered a hanging decoration in the corner of the video that was barely moving but was creating a false positive by reflecting outside light onto the wall.

There was also an EVP where an investigator was asking for a sign from anything that might be in the room with her, she asked for a knock. She was very surprised to get a response. On three seperate occasions, in response to direct requests, there was a knocking sound recorded. The odd part was that it actually sounded to be coming from very close to the recorder. The recorder was placed on the floor between the investigators as they sat around it. In an effort to validate this activity, she asked for one knock (it knocked once) and then asked for two knocks (she got both) and then for one more (yep happened again). Since we were the only people (living that is) in the location and all other investigators were accounted for, this became pretty interesting evidence.

When one adds up all of the personal experiences and the actual evidence captured, it does become obvious that there is something present that is interested in communicating and interacting with people. I recently recieved another report from this client informing me of additional activity in a new area of the location. I am very curious to see if we can capture anything from this previously quite area. While there is activity present here, we do not feel that there is anything negative or harmful here, just inquisitive.

This case is now closed.

Case #12-007
Case Status: Closed*

This case is being conducted in the South Hadley Firehouse Museum. The clients have not requested any confidentiality whatsoever for this case. While I personally enjoy my work with Agawam Paranormal on all of our cases, I can state that this location and case have been simply incredible and have become a team favorite. This site is seasonally open to the public and anyone can go and possibly experience something there. The Docents there are incredible people that will take the time to share the history and character of the place with you.

The clients reported multiple occurrences happening over the years, some in the very recent past. The only reported activity that we did not experience, first hand, was the report of the fire truck actually starting on it’s own with nobody physically near by. They also reported the sounds of footsteps, a mannequin that moves and throws her glove, hearing muffled voices while alone, feelings like you are being watched again while alone. These other reports were also experienced by my team.

On our first visit to the museum, we began by setting up our Command Center and taking our base readings for this location. Because I was intending to gather information and photographs for our upcoming “Ghostology 301, Local Lore” presentation, I decided not to use our DVR system and simply rely upon our hand-held equipment. Base readings clearly showed several spikes and even a cold spot in a confined area. The oddest reading was and EMF hit on the third floor near the rear of the building approximately five feet in front of a window.

There was what I would call a “beachball” sized reading that was centered at about chest height, again about five feet from the windows. Anywhere within the “beachball” we would get a sizable EMF reading, but as soon as the meter was removed from the “beachball” the reading would completely disappear. We attempted to trace the reading to an explainable source, such as electrical wiring, but could not get even close to a wall, floor or the ceiling with the reading intact. This reading was present on every visit. The impression that I had was that this would be where someone would stand to actually look outside from these windows.

Later in the evening, while taking photographs, I was subject to equipment issues. Two of my investigators were working with a “Mel” meter (EMF & Temperature device) while I was trying to take some pictures of them working. The Mel meter would register a spike and my camera would focus close to the investigators and then the Mel meter reading would drop and my camera would begin to focus closer to me as if something was actually traveling between the Mel meter and the camera. This happened, back and forth, for almost five minutes before the camera focused on the investigators and I was able to take the picture. This is very odd because the Mel meter and the camera are two completely different pieces of equipment yet both were reacting to the same outside environmental stimulus.

Chris (Psychic) was present at this time and reported that this was the spirit of a former Fire Fighter that still was staying-on at the museum. He had become curious about us and was checking us out, but became bored and decided to go back to his windows instead. Our motion sensors were also very active that night, as they would constantly go off for no apparent reason and nobody even close to them. Overall our first visit was quite eventful and very interesting.

Agawam Paranormal teamed up with the South Hadley Public Library to conduct a fund raiser for the library. The prizes here were “Guest Investigator” positions for this location on our second visit. Four people won the posts as well as a t-shirt for the event.

Upon our arrival for the second visit and investigation, we decided to use the DVR system and set-up all eight cameras. We had several cameras on each level targeting the “hot spots” that had been active only a few weeks prior. After locking the cameras down (just like on TV), Hope took her team up to the third floor and my team began on the ground level. Initially each team begins by taking base readings of both EMF and temperature, we use this as a template for any anomalies during the balance of the investigation.

Jeremy was manning the Command Center and we were discussing the pattern for our work that night. We were standing approximately ten feet in front of the staircase leading to the second and third floors. Note that these stairs are wooden and are half flights with a landing in the middle. Both Jeremy and I heard someone running down the stairs. I immediately suspected that either Hope had sent someone down from the third floor for something or someone had to use the bathrooms on the second floor. We distinctly heard the sound of heavy footsteps coming down a half flight, then two steps on a landing followed by more footsteps on the stairs. We were watching the landing to see who was coming down but nobody ever came around the corner. Chris (psychic) was with my team that night and walked over to Jeremy and I to see what we were doing. She looked towards the staircase and stated that there was a former fire fighter standing on the landing watching Jeremy and I. Chris had not heard the footsteps. That was an incredible person experience that was shared between my nephew and I.

We had a camera set-up on the second floor, watching the bride. One of my Lead Investigators made it a point of examining the mannequin’s hands and positioning her glove so that it would be secure and not fall. We later returned to this area and discovered the glove approximately five feet in front of the bride and her arm appeared to have moved. Due to technical difficulties, we have not been able to review the evidence from this investigation as of yet. We will be checking it within the next several months. Since the camera was pointed directly at the bride and nobody was on that floor, I will be very interested to see the results. I received an e-mail from the family that donated the wedding dress to the museum. They were able to give me the complete history of the dress and the bride that wore it, I love this part of the work.

Both teams also did some extensive work on the third floor. When we first arrived up on the floor, the “beach ball” was still by the windows in the back of the room. All EMF meters registered the reading, but none could trace it to a source. I assigned my step-daughter, Jodi, to do some EMF sweeps on this floor and returned to the windows. The “beach ball” was gone. Puzzled, I began to try and find it again by sweeping the room with my meter. I found the “beach ball” looking over Jodi’s shoulder as she was working. I asked her to work in another area of the room and was able to track the reading as it followed Jodi to the new location. This went on for several minutes before the reading headed back to it’s original location of being near the windows. I have no explanation for this, besides the paranormal, and it was witnessed by all members of my team, awesome!

Shortly after this, we ended our investigation for the evening. Agawam Paranormal is the only team to ever be invited into this location to conduct an investigation. I can’t really explain to you or put into words just how proud I am of this team and it’s reputation and professionalism to actually be solicited for such an honor. Personally, I cannot wait to return here for future work.

Some of my team and I completed the DVR evidence review and were both surprised and slightly disappointed by the video captured. First let me start with the Bride’s glove. Upon watching the video, I have some doubts if it’s paranormal in nature. Just prior to the glove falling, one of the guest investigators was standing in front of the mannequin. While it doesn’t appear that she had any physical contact with the bride, it was only a matter of seconds later that the glove fell. Now to the odd part, while watching the video it becomes obvious that the glove was “tugged” before falling from the hand. The DVR clearly recorded this. The glove looks like it is pulled and then continues to, after several seconds, fall from the holding hand. I found this to be very interesting but ultimately inconclusive.

There were also quite a few Orbs captured during the investigation. One camera, which was at the bottom of the stairway, clearly shows simple dust floating down to the floor and then seconds later shows a self illuminated Orb going back up the stairs and actually appears to go around the corner continuing up the stairwell. This camera showed Orbs going both up and down the stairs occasionally.

We also had a camera near the top of the stairwell, on a landing, looking up towards the third floor entrance. At one point, approximately one minute after a team left this area, an Orb is seen coming from the third floor and traveling down the stairs towards and then passing the camera. What is really impressive here is that after several seconds, what appears to be the same Orb is seen coming down the stairs by the camera at the bottom of the stairs as it seems to be heading into the first floor areas.

While we have officially closed this case, we do intend on returning in the very near future.

Case #12-008
Case Status: Closed*

This was another case that we were able to do for the South Hadley Historical Society and the South Hadley Cemetery Society. This case was for the Old Village Cemetery. Due to a Massachusetts State law that prohibits being in a cemetery after dusk, neither I nor my team had ever actually investigated in a cemetery before, so I jumped at the chance to work here. There are reportedly over 1200 grave sites within its boundaries, some being of local historic interest as well.

We were also able to include the winners from the South Hadley Library’s raffle here too. So we had a small army of investigators that night. Being that the site is outside (obviously) and there is no electrical power to the location, we decided to forgo the use of the DVR camera system (I really didn’t see the need for using a generator for this case). We did have an initial problem with energy drain on quite a few different pieces of our equipment. This took some time to handle and fix just due to the sheer number of problems, none of which were individually much of anything, they just ganged up on us . No fair.

We decided to establish three different investigation teams and symbolically split the site into thirds, with one group in each. After approximately 45 minutes, we would return to the Command Center to download our instruments into the computer and then head into the next area. All teams were able to work in each section of the cemetery.

My team did have some interesting experiences that night. I felt compelled (for lack of a better term) to head towards a single head stone. When we got there, I looked over at one of my investigators and she was weeping. This surprised me quite a bit as she has never reacted like this before. I asked her what was wrong. She stated that she knew the person buried there and had cared for him before he passed away as she was his nurse. This simply gave me the creeps and we did some EMF and EVP work here. More on that later.

Later on in the evening, we were in the process of wrapping up for the night and actually heading back to Command Center, when I again felt compelled to approach a particular grave marker. I was coming from the side of the marker and could not see any details or writing until I was right there practically on top if it. When I looked at the writing on the marker, my mouth just dropped. Remember that there are over 1200 graves in this location and I walk up to a marker for what is in all likelihood the only family that I knew myself. This was a friend’s family plot. I didn’t even know that this was the cemetery that his parents were buried in, and I had never been there myself prior to this investigation. Again this really gave me the creeps pretty good.

Throughout the evening Chris (psychic) didn’t really feel very much and wasn’t able to intuit any spirit energies here. So we packed up our equipment and headed back home, hopefully not to have too many nightmares. Cemeteries have a certain “feel” to them, but I believe that we left this one with a feeling of respect and compassion.

The evidence review here did show some orbs in the photographs taken and there were several EVP’s that seemed out of place. Most were simply noises that almost sounded like moans (but no rattling chains or anything good like that) or sounds that were just odd or weird sounding. Due to the outside nature of this site it’s really hard to conclude any of them as paranormal, just odd.

Again while we have officially closed this case, we would be very interested in returning.

Case #12-009
Case Status: Closed*

This case is a commercial case for the Holyoke Public Library. This case was a part of the 2012 “Ghostology 301” presentation. This client has not requested any confidentiality for the investigation. The Agawam Paranormal team conducted a one night investigation at the Holyoke City Hall building where the Public Library is temporarily domiciled due to the construction of their new and improved address. Our investigation focused solely on the library floor and above.

Since this investigation was intended to be used for the “Ghostology 301” program, we did not set-up our DVR system for this evening. The team was outfitted with a series of hand equipment, including night vision cameras, temperature gauges, EMF meters and digital recorders. We then split into several smaller teams and began our investigation. On this case we had the advantage of having Nathan (library employee) with us, he is a site expert and is very knowledgeable about it’s history.

While we did not find anything suspect on the EVP end of things, we were able to capture some major Orb activity. Now as you should know by now, I am very quick to dismiss most Orbs as natural objects such as dust or camera lens flare and while we did photograph a lot of dust in the upper rooms and back areas, there were also several pictures that were not as easy to identify. There were some that clearly show a self-illuminated ball of light that seems to be following the team and watching what they were doing.

At one point during the evening, my team and I were in the hall directly outside of the library sweeping the area, around the stairs leading to ground level, with our EMF meters. A series of spikes were recorded on the stairs and I took several pictures of the area. When we looked at the results, we were very surprised to find another Orb traveling through all of the pictures almost like it is going down the stairs. This is the same location where a maintenance employee felt that he was touched / pushed while he was working. On the opposite stairwell, I could not get my camera to focus on the landing, it kept trying to focus closer to me. I asked Jeremy to stand on the landing and even then it took several minutes to shoot a clear picture. Once again, EMF readings were present but no Orbs this time.

Also, investigators reported feeling like they were being watched here during the evening. These reports were given on site which was obviously before we had the opportunity to examine the evidence. Overall, this investigation was really a lot of fun for us as the building itself is just incredible and an interesting place to visit (unless you are paying your taxes there). We are hoping to return back here soon.

Case #12-010
Case Status: Closed*

This is a local residential case. The client had recently lost his mother who had lived with him due to health care considerations. The client’s father had passed away several years prior so he became the primary care giver. This case was more of a curiosity matter than a haunting issue. The client simply “felt” like he was not alone and that he hoped that it was his mother just visiting. This wasn’t a case where the client was being terrorized of the paranormal, just very hopeful.

Agawam Paranormal conducted an evening’s investigation on site with a full crew and equipment. We did experience several EMF readings that were very odd and I have no real explanation for. Chris (psychic) did “feel” the presence of an older lady in several rooms within the home. Chris wasn’t aware of it then but these were the rooms that the client’s mother liked to stay and live in. Chris also had no information about this location or case as to what the client was hoping to find, all pictures and other such personal items had been removed by the client.

During an EVP session, Chris began to speak to who she believed was the client’s mother. Chris was asking her to speak to her son by talking into the red light on the recorder. Chris repeated what she, reportedly, said “Why do I have to talk into that thing, I talk to my son all day long”. There were several other instances where Chris was repeating what she was being told. All had the inflections of the client’s mother. One thing that I have not revealed as of yet is that I am personal friends with both this client and his family, I knew both parents myself and actually called them “Mom” & “Dad” too. I can attest to the fact that the way that Chris was replying to the EVP questions, she was a perfect impression of the mother.

Being as this was our final case of 2012 before our holiday break, it was also the last case to be reviewed because of the back log created by technical issues (don’t ever buy a Westing House television). We finally caught up. Upon reviewing this case and the video evidence, we noticed several Orbs in rooms that the client’s mother lived in. These rooms all have hard wood floors and there wasn’t any real dust or air borne particles present throughout the home.

We also captured several EVP’s during our investigation, however only in the mother’s bedroom. While we did not capture any voices, we did get a knocking response and several other sounds including breathing. The recorder was placed on a “hope chest” away from the team. We also captured two still pictures with an Orb in each of them. These were obviously not dust and were self illuminated and glowing. They also appeared to actually have a face inside of them.

While we are not, at present, planning a return visit this client has been given piece of mind and now feels confident that it is his mother visiting him. So many of the paranormal cases that we either take or simply hear about are centered upon fear that it was very refreshing to actually conduct one based on a son’s love for his mother. The Agawam Paranormal team found it to be very uplifting. And bottom line, the client knows that we are only a phone call away if needed.

Case #13-001
Case Status: Closed*

This case is for Ramapogue Historical Society of West Springfield and was conducted in the Josiah Day House. We have been to this location three times and have now closed this case. This location will be highlighted in the 2013 version of the Ghostology 301 presentation.

The client reports are the sounds of footsteps from the second floor and an apparition appearing in a front window, again on the second floor. There are also several rooms / areas that feel creepy to visitors and they feel like they are being watched. One room is actually avoided by some visitors completely. Being an historic site, my team and I were very excited to investigate this location. Agawam Paranormal is the only team that has ever been allowed to investigate here, again that makes me so proud of this team and it’s reputation.

Upon our arrival, we were approached by a professional filming crew and they requested that they be allowed to record my team and I during the investigation for a documentary on spiritualism that they were working on. They apparently were friends of a guest of the client, so I agreed. They had me wired with a digital microphone and proceeded to follow my team around the location. One thing that I thought was pretty interesting was that this crew’s day job was doing this sort of work for Martha Stewart.

When my team left Command Center to begin our investigation, we first stopped in what had been the kitchen area. We started off by taking the base readings for the room, as is our standard procedure. While standing in front of the brick-oven fire place, I felt something tapping on the “box” part of my wired microphone that was attached to my waist. It felt like it was being rhythmically tapped like to get my attention. I immediately made comment of this to the team and one of the investigators came over to me and took some EMF readings where this was happening. The meter went crazy. This went on for maybe fifteen seconds and I attempted to get it to follow me into the next room. The tapping stopped and the EMF reading was also gone. We then went back to the kitchen and the reading from where I was standing was also gone.

Throughout the evening, almost all of the team was feeling uneasy and creepy during the investigation. Most of these feelings occurred while we were on the second floor and in the attic area. The client reported to me that he had experienced something rather odd while he accompanied a team, again on the second floor. He was standing just outside of a bedroom, while his team was doing an EVP session in that room. He stated that he heard a tapping sound coming from a window right behind him. He went to this window and tried to rattle it in it’s tracks, but it was solidly in place and didn’t budge even a little. Upon reviewing this section of the camera evidence, I was very surprised to see that when he turned towards the window, a self-illuminated orb actually went around him and entered the bedroom.

We also found four other orbs on video that evening. Now I can usually eliminate most if not all orbs that are filmed as explainable by dust, bugs, etc… this was not the case here. The location does not have any heat inside, so it was way too cold for bugs. It’s all hardwood flooring, so there is a minimal amount of flying dust (and dust is pretty easy to identify, most times) and there was no water vapor in the site. Also what is of interest here is that all of these orbs occurred in places reported as active by the client and with the exception of the orb that I mentioned prior, nobody was even on the floor as they happened. I found this to be very interesting.

The audio evidence that we recorded that night was contaminated by outside vehicle traffic, so I don’t give it any credit. The still photography was also inconclusive that night.

On our second visit, we experienced some pretty interesting things. Chris, upon arriving, felt that there was the spirit of a woman watching us unload the vehicles from the second floor bedroom window. She also felt the presence of a small child spirit on the first floor (he likes to hold hands, by the way). Upon Chris going up to the bedroom floor, she felt a very strong presence near the attic area. Of note here is that the client had recently told me that they had some students volunteer to do the “spring” cleaning and that one student felt that she was being watched the entire time that she was in that room.

There were quite a few personal experiences that evening. At one point, an investigator was working on a camera in the bedroom, and could clearly hear the sound of a bouncing ball in the same room. Needless to say, there was no bouncing ball there. Investigators also reported the feeling of being watched during the whole evening and being anxious and apprehensive as well.

Equipment was also being effected in the house. We would constantly observe the motion sensor, in the bedroom, going off. Even when there wasn’t anybody on the floor. During EVP sessions, we would also get K-2 hits when certain questions were asked. There was even the captured sounds of furniture moving on the second floor, while nobody was up there. Nothing appeared on camera during this time, however.

The experience of the night had to be when a Lead Investigator was upstairs adjusting a camera and she observed as another member of her team entered the room and passed her. Once she had completed the camera work, she turned to address the other team mate, she wasn’t there. She immediately radioed in to Command Center and her missing person had actually been down there the entire time, they were never in the room with the lead. Needless to say, this really creeped out both investigators.

Upon review of the evidence from this evening, we found that we actually captured several EVP’s and additional video. There was also a photograph captured that seems to show a woman sitting watching the team. Obviously, there was no woman present (that we knew of anyways). The interesting part with this photograph is that there was a series of three pictures taken about one second apart and only the second picture shows anything out of the ordinary. The first and third photographs are empty and only show the investigator.

My team and I returned for a third visit and worked exclusively in the attic area. I conducted a dowsing rod session (that we recorded and filmed). We received some pretty interesting results and a possible answer as to who it is that seems to be haunting the location.

This location was very interesting for the team and I. We were recently informed that we were more than welcome to return and do some additional investigations on site. I consider that invite to be very high praise and am extremely grateful for any future opportunities.

Case #13-002
Case Status: Closed*

This case is for the Storrowton Tavern and will be one of the locations highlighted in our 2013 version of the Ghostology 301 program. This was one of the sites that our resident psychic Chris was (pardon the pun) just dieing to get into and investigate. Chris had been here several times in the past, for dinner with her family and always felt that there were spirits around the premise. She picked-up on the spirit of an older lady each time she would visit the location, but believed that there were also several other spirits present in the background too. I remember when Chris first joined the Agawam Paranormal team, that she had suggested that we conduct an investigation at the tavern. So I told her to try and set-up a meeting between us and the owners to see if an investigation was a possibility or not. She jumped all over the project and the owners were very receptive to the idea. Agawam Paranormal is the only team to be allowed to actually conduct an investigation at this site, once again I cannot understate the sense of pride that I feel for being given this opportunity.

When we first arrived at the Tavern, we were greeted by several employees that joined us for the evening’s work. I do feel that it is very important to include the clients in their investigation due to the simple fact that they are there all of the time (or so it seems to them) and are generally aware of the creeks and moans of the building. I look at the clients as site specific experts and always add them to the teams, if possible. These people were a very welcome addition to the night’s roster and also (maybe even more importantly) had an awesome time.

Since this site is a business, we began our evening later than normal for us and ran until the wee hours of dawn. We started with a walk-through of the Tavern, having the clients explaining just what they felt or experienced in each room or area. While Carl was not available for this investigation, it is noteworthy here that he actually worked at the Tavern when he was younger. Carl had also had experiences here and told me of them in great detail. As a result, I was already planning our static camera and other equipment placements.

After the walk-through, we began to set-up our equipment and Command Center. We just added some new IR Iluminators to our arsenal and decided to give them a try. I was very surprised at just how much more light they added to the static cameras, they were a perfect addition (now I just had to design a mounting bracket). We covered the entire restaurant, bar area, kitchens and banquet rooms with video. I have to say that you really don’t realize just how big this place is until you are running the wires back to Command Center.

We then began our investigation with our group prayer and issued out the hand equipment. I was able to have both teams active at all times due to the above mentioned size and multiple levels of the Tavern itself. This makes it a lot easier to investigate a site because there is only a limited amount of “down” time. Some places are simply too small and one team has to stay in Command Center while the other investigates. Space was not a problem here.

Two teams were used here at the Storrowton Tavern. We were able to keep them at opposite ends of the buildings as well as on different levels. One thing that we noticed in Command Center almost immediately was that there wasn’t any dust particles floating by the static cameras. On most investigations, in even the cleanest of locations, there is usually a fair amount of air-borne particles moving by our cameras on any slight current of air. Here, there wasn’t really anything showing up on screen at all.

During the evening, several investigators reported to me that they felt like they were being watched. Amazingly, the EMF meters seemed to support this conviction as they were lighting up while the investigators were feeling strange. While not really rare, this does not happen all of the time. Most times there is no empirical evidence to support these claims and they become simply personal experiences. But here, the meters were quite active and their readings were not traceable to any man-made source. This is not to say that some of the appliances present did not give off false positive readings but those were quickly explained and eliminated from the potential evidence.

One of the teams was working on an EVP session in an upstairs banquet room and as they were all sitting in front of the static camera, a very bright orb seemed to be checking them out. All of the furniture from this room was stored in the center of the room because the carpets had just been cleaned. The center is the dance floor for the room and is polished hardwood. Due to these circumstances, I couldn’t explain these orbs as natural elements. Pretty interesting on camera, I can tell you.

We took a video of a dowsing rod session that I conducted in one of the banquet rooms. Chris had stated that there was a woman in this room and that she would be watching us. While Chris was with the other team, another investigator is also sensitive to psychic energies too and she was with this group. The dowsing rods were very active during the beginning of the session, answering all questions accurately (based upon historical research and the psychic’s intuitions) and without hesitation. This is always very impressive to watch, however maybe half-way through my intended session the dowsing rods simply stopped moving and refused to budge. I looked up at the other sensitive investigator and asked “What happened?”. She just chuckled and said that the spirit of the woman that I had been talking to got bored and left to see what the others were doing. Talk about an ego buster.

One thing that I found to be very interesting, was that during the actual “dowsing rod” session, the orb activity in the room was active too. Once the session ended, by the bored spirit leaving the room, the visually recorded activity also ended. Was this the manifestation of the spirit of the woman that Chris had picked-up on? I don’t know for sure, but it is quite interesting and thought provoking. Another thing that we have noticed during our investigations is that a reported spirit that is making it’s presence known usually wants and welcomes the possibility of communication with the living. Here we found that the spirit energies were really at peace and simply were enjoying their surroundings and wanted to be there. This, in my opinion, speaks very highly for the location and the way that it is being run and the people that currently work there. I believe that the positive energies from the employees and patrons is a main reason that these spirits may be staying here, they feel welcome just like everybody else that visits.

During the evening, there were several personal experiences by the teams. These included investigators feeling cold spots touching them (temperature meters reported no changes). One team reported hearing the sound of whistling, in the bar area. This sound was heard six to eight times (I am currently not convinced that this experience was paranormal in nature though, while unlikely, it could still have been outside noise contamination). At one point during an EVP session, a K-II meter responded to questions asked about a previous employee that had recently passed away (not on site). Of interest here is that her friend had joined the group for this EVP session. This employee had stated that she felt that her friend was sometimes there “looking out for her”. This was when one of the nearby EMF meters chose to go completely nuts. Was this an answer to the employees’ question???  One investigator said that she felt “touched” on the top of her head during an EVP session and another reported being touched on her arm too (in a different part of the building). Creaking footsteps were also heard coming from the room above and when immediately investigated, nobody was there to have made the sounds.

One of our investigators is very proficient at the use of crystals and pendulums. She used them here and received several answers to questions asked about a resident spirit. She believes, based upon the reply’s given, that there is a male spirit present that was a custodian with the building in the early 1900’s with a first name that began with the letter “A” (possibly Adam) and that he is one of the main spirits that employees feel in the kitchen areas. While at face value, I tend to categorize this type of evidence generally as personal experiences (including dowsing rod sessions) sometimes they do provide insights and details that add a richness to the investigations. It really is very “spooky” to actually witness either a hanging crystal or a pair of dowsing rods start moving on their own volition. While I cannot even come close to explaining just why these things happen and seem to work, they do. I can’t explain how a computer works either, but they do too (for the most part).

Overall, this was an awesome investigation and an incredible location. We were able to experience the unknown and even document some of those experiences. I am hoping to re-visit this location next year and further the investigation (after I bring my wife here for dinner). I highly recommend this site for both it’s atmosphere and the menu, both are very enjoyable and pleasant. Just ask the resident spirits.

Case #13-003
Case Status: Closed*

This case is a local residential site. The client reports feeling like she is being watched and is not alone in the house. Her husband passed away many years ago, but these feelings started in the last two years. There hasn’t been any additions to the decor of the home that coincides with the apparent beginnings of the activity.

Upon our arrival, Chris did her psychic walk-through and reported the presence of a male spirit in the home. She believes that it is the spirit of the deceased husband that has always been there but for some reason, apparently known only to the spirit itself, began to become more active in the last two years. While Chris did not accurately state the name of the husband, she did pick-upon the hard constanant sound of his name. She has done this before. One example is that she was feeling a woman (in another case) that had an “L” name. The name was “Alice”. This is what she did again here.

The investigation proceeded through the home, with the client participating. At one time, a team was conducting an EVP session in the kitchen and the Mag-Light was on the counter top. It began to light up during this session, 6 times. Beyond this possible activity, we noticed that the house was subject  to EMF fields. What was very odd about this was that the meters would register activity in the center of most rooms, but it couldn’t be traced to a wall or the floor. Each effected room simply was filled with EMF in a “free-floating” oval shape that was almost the size of each room. We have never encountered this type of a reading prior to this case. It did not appear that the EMF was moving, but just present in each room. We were at a loss to explain this feature.

In conclussion, while the client’s claims can possibly be attributed to the EMF readings and a sensitivity to such fields, this does not account for the psychic’s intuitions or the Mag-Light experiment. Also the research done on this location does not seem to point to any possible problems.

Case #13-004
Case Status: Closed

This is a local commercial site. The client here has a life-long history with this property. His father owned the location while the client and his brother were growing up. They always felt an extreme apprehension in one area in the basement and a room that was used as a maid’s room in the attic. This property is a converted mansion. Today there are actual employees that work there that refuse to go into these areas of the building, even without knowing the history. They simply feel that there is something there themselves.

On our first visit, we began by setting-up our static cameras, highlighting the reportedly active areas as well as other areas of interest. We also used our motion sensors and the thermal sensor too, setting these up where the majority of traffic would pass by. Since this is a very large location with four floors to investigate, we decided upon two cameras per floor. It wasn’t long before the equipment started reacting to something. The motion sensors would light up while nobody was even on that floor and the thermal sensor would also react, again with nobody around.

We did start registering quite a lot of EMF activity. However, we were able to debunk most of these due to older electrical wiring in the basement. But interestingly enough, the areas with the debunked EMF hits were not the areas that had (pardon the use) “haunted” the client or his brother. While the older electrical wiring did eliminate some of the hits, it did not explain all of them. There were many that we could not explain or trace out to a source.

One of the investigators present that evening is psychically gifted, and felt that a man was “in her face, screaming at her” while she was working in the basement. She also reported feeling touched and pushed while in this area. This was the same area that the client claimed activity. EMF hits were recorded around the investigator while she was reporting the physical contact.

EVP’s taken during this investigation revealed what sounds like a man’s mumbled voice and a ladies whisper. While the words are impossible to determine, the sounds of the voices are clear. Meaning that even though we don’t know what they were saying, it is very clear that there is something there being said and it wasn’t our people. The static cameras captured a lot of Orb activity here. However, due to the building itself, I ruled most of these out as simple dust particles. There were several Orbs that did not appear as dust and those were the ones of interest. Including one that actually appeared to activate one motion sensor as it passed by.

At one point, late in the investigation, one of the teams were investigating on the attic floor and actually found artifacts from a previous occupant. These included medicine bottles, of varying sizes and shapes (some still with the labels attached) and some homemade doll’s clothes. This find really excited the team as the Research Department had already completed their preliminary work and we knew that there had only been one little girl that had ever lived there, Emily. Emily’s father was also a (wait for it…) Doctor. Based upon the labels, the Research Department was able to determine that these products were, in fact, from the same time that Emily and her family lived there. This was awesome because so many times we just have the stories from the past but here we found real history. Just thinking of this little girl playing with her dolls and her mother (assuming) making her new clothes for her, just really made this case become personal for us.

We recently returned to this location for a follow-up investigation. We will be going over the evidence this week from that evening. I will update then.

Case #13-005
Case Status: Closed

This is a local commercial site. Again we have conducted our preliminary investigation and again have a ton of historical research completed, but (you guessed it) Chris has not yet visited this location. As with the previous case file, I am not going to post any details that could taint Chris’ perceptions or give her any information for the location. We will be returning soon and I will update the case file then.

Case #13-006
Case Status: Closed

This is a local residential case that has an investigation pending soon.

Case #13-007
Case Status: Closed

This is a local residential case that has an investigation pending soon.

Case #13-008
Case Status: Closed

This case is for the Thomas Smith house in Feeding Hills and is for the Agawam Historical Association. This location will be one of the featured sites for the 2013 version of our Ghostology 301 program.

Case #13-009om
Case Status: Closed

This case is for the Houghton Mansion in North Adams, Massachusetts. This was our “Field Trip” for the year and actually ended our investigation season. While the Houghton Mansion has been investigated by many “television” teams with reported major experiences and activity, I was not at first impressed by the location, from a paranormal point of view, at least that’s what I thought initially.

Agawam Paranormal made arrangements to investigate this historic location for an over-night & private 13 hour visit. We arrived with 23 of our members and family. All having high expectations, based upon previous reports.

We split up into 4 teams and began to set-up our equipment for the investigation. All areas of the mansion were covered and examined. While my team did have some activity such as EMF readings (unexplained) and dowsing rod activity that seemed to properly answer questions, the evening seemed rather uneventful. The remaining three teams also reported similar activity through out the mansion.

Since this case was intended to be our “season finale”, I was not in a rush to complete the evidence review as due to a very busy library schedule we always fall behind on client reviews and they always come first. Long story short, I completely forgot to revisit this case for review until recently and I was amazed with the results captured there. We did find very clear EVP voices answering direct questions and quite a few photos as well as some video of unexplained Orb activity. Now those of you that actually know me, know that I discount most Orbs as simply natural occurrences such as dust. This explanation however did not seem to fit each instance and once again I am not claiming proof positive of Casper, it is really thought provoking.

While investigating such a historic site was very interesting and well worth the effort. It has been brought to my attention that the mansion was no longer open to the public for a short while (it is apparently reopened now though). Perhaps the busy schedule that the mansion has been maintaining is responsible for the lessening of activity (based upon what the TV teams reported there). It would be interesting to re-visit this location after a period of lesser attention.

It was due to the reviewing of the evidence captured here that I decided to include this location into the 2014 version of the Ghostology 301 presentation.

Case #14-001
Case Status: Open

This is a local residential case. Paranormal reports from the client include objects being moved, EVP’s, shadow people and feelings of being watched. We have visited this location twice so far and Chris (psychic) has completed her “psychic walk-through”.

Case #14-002
Case Status: Open

This investigation was conducted at the Sycamore / Rawson house in South Hadley. This location will be one of the highlighted sites of the 2014 version of the “Ghostology 301” library presentation.

Case #14-003
Case Status: Open

This is a local residential case, but Chris has not completed her “Psychic Walk-through” yet.

Case #14-004
Case Status: Closed

This is a local residential case that we investigated and suggested that the client contact their church for additional help. More to come soon.

Case #14-005
Case Status: Open

This is a local commercial case and investigation. Again, Chris has not completed her “Psychic Walk-through” as of this date. More to come soon.

Case #14-006
Case Status: Open

This investigation is being conducted at the Henry Woods building in Barre, Ma. This location was built in 1900 and was originally used as an area high school. In the mid-eighties it began service as the Barre Town Hall. This is also a location being fetured in the 2014 version of the Ghostology 301 presentation. More details on our investigations here soon.

Case #14-007
Case Status: Closed*

This case number was created for a potential residential case that never happened.

Case #14-008
Case Status: Closed

This is a residential case from Chicopee.

Case #14-009
Case Status: Closed

This is a residential case from Chicopee.

Case #14-010
Case Status: Closed

This is a commercial case from Wilbraham.

Case #15-001
Case Status: Closed

This is a historical case from Southwick.

Case #15-002
Case Status: Closed

This is a residential case from South Hadley.

Case #15-003
Case Status: Closed

This is a residential case from Ludlow.

Case #15-004
Case Status: Closed

This is a commercial case from West Springfield.

Case #15-005
Case Status: Closed

This is a historical case from Granville.

Case #15-006
Case Status: Closed

This is a residential case from Hadley.

Case #15-007
Case Status: Closed*

This case number was created for a potential residential case that never happened.

Case #15-008
Case Status: Closed

This is a historical case from Southwick.

Case #15-009
Case Status: Open

This is a residential case from Holyoke.

Case #16-001
Case Status: Open

This is a residential case from Westfield.

Case #16-002
Case Status: Open

This is a residential case from Bloomfield.

Case #16-003
Case Status: Open

This is a residential case from Ludlow.