We had an awesome time and I truly enjoyed my very first play. Afterward, the staff also gave us a tour of the theater and showed us all of the “hot” spots. I would love to have the opportunity to conduct an investigation here, the building just feels haunted and has an obviously rich history. You can just feel it as you walk through the theater. My team and I would like to thank Kevin Tracy (Director) as well as the entire assembly of talent for inviting us to share in their evening. They all really are professionals through and through. We wish the all the very┬ábest of luck, or as they say “Break a Leg”.

Agawam Paranormal was recently invited to give a presentation, in Turners Falls, by the Co-Founder and Director of The Ghost Light Theater company. They will be performing their rendition of “The Woman In Black”. This play was written in 1984, but it revives the idea of the classic, old Victorian types of ghost stories. According to the director, Kevin Tracy, it is one of the best written horror plays that he has come across. The play and presentation are being held on Saturday, July 20th in the Shea Theater in Turners Falls. The new Agawam Paranormal presentation will begin at 6:00pm with an intermission followed by the actual play starting at 8:00pm. The Agawam Paranormal presentation will be free of charge with tickets for the play being available at the door for the play portion of the evenings entertainment. I invite all of you to attend. Thank-You.