Okay, we’ve probably all seen this done on television while watching our favorite ghost shows and there are several different theories as to why this might work, but I have always been more than a little skeptical with the results. That is until recently. During a residential investigation that Agawam Paranormal recently conducted, I asked both Team Leaders to incorporate this experiment into their routines. The results were rather startling. Both teams utilized a coffee table or the fireplace heater in the home’s finished basement. The flooring is concrete with a large oriental rug, so there were no vibrations present or possible unless someone actually bumped into either the table or the heater. We placed one of our static night vision cameras there to capture any results. Over the course of the investigation, the Mag-Lite turned itself on a total of 29 different times (also turning itself back off too). These instances occurred when there wasn’t anyone within 3 feet or so from the light (it also happened about a dozen more times while someone was close to the light, but I discounted those instances due to proximity). Now I’m stuck here scratching my head, once or twice or maybe even three times could be chalked up to natural phenomena, but what do you call 29 times??? We tried very hard to debunk this experiment, but couldn’t seem to make the light behave as we wanted it to. But simply ask for it to come on and boom, there it goes again. We also experienced EMF hits during the light show. As most know by now, I am so the last person to jump on the “Casper Bandwagon” but there doesn’t seem to be any other explanation for it. Let me know just what you think.